Sabah Galadari (Adnan Sami 2nd Ex-Wife)
Sabah Galadari (Adnan Sami 2nd Ex-Wife)

Sabah Galadari (Adnan Sami 2nd Ex-Wife) Age, Husband, Family, Biography (2024)

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صباح گلادری (عدنان سمیع کی سابقہ ​​بیوی) Sabah Galadari, an Arab media heiress based in Dubai, was previously married to Adnan Sami, a Pakistani singer and musician who obtained Indian citizenship in 2015. The couple had the unique experience of marrying and divorcing each other twice.

Sabah Galadari Physical Appearance.

Article:Sabah Galadari Biography
Name:Sabah Galadari
Born: July 8, 1977
Height:(approx) 5′ 6″
Weight:(approx) 60 kg
Eye Colour:Brown
Sabah Galadari
Sabah Galadari Biography

Parents & Siblings.

Limited information is available regarding her Parents and Siblings.

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Husband & Children.

Sabah Galadari (عدنان سمیع کی بیوی) Sabah Galadari, an Arab media heiress based in Dubai, was previously married to Adnan Sami, a Pakistani singer and musician who obtained Indian citizenship in 2015.

Sabah Galadari and Adnan Sami entered into marriage in 2001 but ended up divorcing in 2004. It was his subsequent marriage and endured only 18 months. This marked the second marriage for both individuals. Subsequently, in 2008, Galadari and Sami remarried, but their reunion was short-lived. In 2009, Sabah Galadari initiated divorce proceedings against Sami, citing allegations of harassment and abuse.

The Bombay High Court finalized their divorce in 2012 after a three-year legal process

Sami, however, argued that their second marriage was not valid according to Islamic marriage laws due to Sabah Galadari’s failure to fulfill the formalities of Nikah Halala—a requirement for remarrying the same person.

Sabah Galadari
صباح گلادری (عدنان سمیع کی سابقہ ​​بیوی)

He also claimed that even if their marriage were recognized, his religion permitted him to have up to three wives. Ultimately, in 2012, the court finalized the divorce between Galadari and Sami under the Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act, 1939. It is worth noting that Sabah Galadari has a son named Abdullah from her previous marriage.

Smuggling and Fraudulent cases.

During an interview, Adnan Sami disclosed that he has lodged a formal complaint with the Police Commissioner of Mumbai against Sabah.

He alleged that Sabah and her family concealed their Portuguese nationality from the Dubai government, an activity deemed illegal in that jurisdiction.

According to Sami, Sabah possessed two passports that displayed different birth dates, and she subsequently obtained an Indian PAN card and driving license using these passports. Additionally, Sami claimed that Sabah Galadari and her father were involved in smuggling operations in Dubai.

Sabah Galadari Father Abdul Latif Galadari

Abdul Latif Galadari (1939 – 9 March 2002) was a prominent Emirati entrepreneur. He hailed from a family of business pioneers, being the youngest son of Ibrahim Galadari. Together with his elder brother, Abdul Rahim, he played a pivotal role in leading the Galadari Group, a highly influential conglomerate.

Allegations Surface Regarding Adnan Sami’s Controversial Videos of His Second Wife

In a recent interview, Junaid Sami, the brother of Adnan Sami, made shocking claims about his brother’s alleged recording of objectionable videos involving his second wife. Junaid Sami expressed his deep disgust, stating that he wouldn’t even consider such actions towards his own girlfriend.

According to Junaid, Adnan Sami supposedly created a pornographic DVD featuring his second wife, Sabah Galadaeri, during the years 2007 or 2008.

While it is acknowledged that intimate activities may occur between spouses, Junaid strongly believes that such matters should remain private. To everyone’s surprise, Adnan Sami reportedly presented the DVD in court, falsely denying any involvement and placing blame on Sabah’s lover.

These claims, according to Junaid, led to Sabah fainting in the courtroom, adding to the distressing nature of the situation.

Abdul Latif Galadari

Abdul Latif Galadari is a prominent businessman from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). He is the founder and chairman of the Galadari Brothers Group, a conglomerate with diversified business interests in various sectors including automotive, hospitality, real estate, trading, and manufacturing.

Abdul Latif Galadari was born in Dubai, UAE, in 1946. He comes from a well-known business family in the region. In the 1960s, he, along with his brothers, established the Galadari Brothers Group, which has grown into one of the leading business entities in the UAE.

Abdul Latif Galadari

Under Abdul Latif Galadari’s leadership, the Galadari Brothers Group has made significant contributions to the economic development of the UAE. The group’s automotive division is the authorized distributor for Mazda and Chevrolet vehicles in the UAE, and it also operates several car rental and leasing companies.

In the hospitality sector, the group owns and operates several renowned hotels, including the iconic Copthorne Hotel Dubai.

The Galadari Brothers Group

The Galadari Brothers Group has also invested in real estate, with a portfolio that includes residential and commercial properties in Dubai.

Abdul Latif Galadari has played an active role in the business community of the UAE. He has been involved in various industry associations and has contributed to the growth of the private sector in the country.

It’s important to note that my knowledge cutoff is in September 2021, so there may have been new developments or changes regarding Abdul Latif Galadari since then.

People also ask

  1. Who is the wife of Sabah Adnan Sami?

    Adnan SamiAdnan Sami began living in India since 13 March 2001, on a visitor’s visa which was extended from time to time. In 2001, Sami married Dubai-based Arab Sabah Galadari.

  2. Does Adnan Sami have kids?

    Sami first married to actress Zeba Bakhtiar in 1993, with whom he had a son named Azaan Sami khan. 
    Adnan Sami daughter named Medina Sami Khan.

  3. Adnan sami wife

    Adnan & Zeba Bakhtiar (زيبا بختيار;)First married to actress Zeba Bakhtiar in 1993 and divorced in 1997.
    Sami married Dubai-based Arab Sabah Galadari in 2001 and divorced 2004.
    Roya  is Adnan Sami’s third wife, (m. 2010-present)

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