Zeba Bakhtiar Spouse
Zeba Bakhtiar Spouse

Zeba Bakhtiar Spouse, Age, Biography 2024

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Zeba Bakhtiar Spouse زیبا بختیار میاں بیوی/شوہر, Husband, Age, Net Worth, wiki.

Zeba Bakhtiar (زيبا بختيار;), born on 5 November 1962, is a prominent figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry, known for her versatile career as an actress, producer, and director. Her illustrious journey spans both the Pakistani and Indian film worlds.

Zeba Bakhtiar Spouse
Zeba Bakhtiar Spouse

Zeba gained widespread recognition for her remarkable performance in the TV drama “Anarkali” (1988), which showcased her acting prowess. She ventured into Bollywood with the romantic drama “Henna” (1991), leaving an indelible mark on the Indian cinema scene. Her artistic contributions extended to Lollywood, where she starred in the 1995 hit film “Sargam.

In addition to her acting talents, Zeba’s ventured behind the camera, taking on the roles of producer and director. In 2001, she undertook the directorial mantle for the movie “Babu,” demonstrating her multifaceted talents.

Zeba’s dedication and excellence in the world of cinema were duly recognized when she received the prestigious Nigar Award for Best Actress for her outstanding performance in “Sargam” in 1995. Her enduring impact on both sides of the border continues to make her a celebrated icon in the realm of entertainment.

Article:Zeba Bakhtiar Biography
Real name:Shaheen
Father Name:Yahya Bakhtiar
Mother Name:Eva Bakhtiar / Sylvia vallencanto
Date of Birth:5 November 1962
Zeba Bakhtiar Age:Age: 61 Years
Zeba Bakhtiar Biography زیبا بختیار میاں بیوی/شوہر

Note: According to different information, Sylvia Vallencanto is Zeba Bakhtiar’s mom. Zeba Bakhtiar is a famous actress known for her roles in Bollywood and Pakistani films. Sylvia Vallencanto is Hungarian [4][6].

Physical Stats & More

Height (approx.):Inches- 5’ 7”
Eye Colour:Light Brown
Weight: 57 Kg
Body measurements:32-26-34
Hair Colour:Dark Ash Blonde

Zeba Bakhtiar Biography, Zeba’s marital journey has seen four chapters. Her initial union was with Salman Galliani in 1982. Subsequently, in 1989, she entered into matrimony with Javed Jaffrey, initially refuting such claims until Javed presented a Nikah Nama, leading to their divorce within a year. Her next high-profile relationship was with renowned singer and music composer Adnan Sami, which began in 1993 but concluded in 1997. Their union also brought forth a son, Azaan Sami Khan. In 2008, Zeba embarked on a new chapter in her life by marrying Sohail Khan Leghari.

Zeba Bakhtiar
Zeba’s Spouse

Henna, a famous Bollywood personality, went through four divorces in her life, involving notable names like Javed Jafri and Adnan Sami. While she enjoyed success in her film career, her married life faced significant challenges. Zeba, as she’s also known, has been married four times. It’s worth noting that Zeba is the daughter of a prominent Pakistani politician and former Attorney General, Yahya Bakhtiar. She began her career on Pakistani television, where she played a crucial role in the 1988 TV series “Anarkali.”

Zeba Bakhtiar Net Worth

Zeba is one of the richest Actor from Pakistan. According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider, Zeba’s net worth $5 Million.

Zeba bakhtiar husband name and Marriages زیبا بختیار میاں بیوی/شوہر

  • First Zeba Husband – Salman Galliani (m. 1982, div.)
  • Second Zeba Husband – Javed Jaffrey (Actor) (m. 1989, div. 1990)
  • Third Zeba Husband – Adnan Sami Khan (Singer) (m. 1993, div. 1997)
  • Fourth Zeba Husband – Sohail Khan Leghari (m. 2008)

First Zeba Husband- Salman Galliani

First Zeba Bakhtiar Spouse/HusbandSalman Galliani. They got married in Quetta and had a daughter (Bobby) together. However, their relationship faced difficulties and eventually ended in divorce. Following the divorce, Bakhtiar’s sister adopted their child.

Second Zeba Husband- Javed Jaffrey (Actor)

Zeba Bakhtiar Spouse Second Marriage: Javed Jaffrey. The actress later wed Bollywood comedian Javed Jaffrey.

Zeba Bakhtiar
Second Zeba’s Husband

In 1989, Indian comedian Javed Jaffrey claimed to have married Zeba Bakhtiar. She initially dismissed it as a false statement. However, Jaffrey later presented a marriage certificate in an Indian court and to the Indian media. Eventually, Zeba’s obtained a divorce from Jaffrey.

Despite Zeba Bakhtiar’s initial denial in the media, Javed Jaffery made their nikahnama (marriage contract) public. Nevertheless, their marriage was short-lived, and they divorced within a year.

The reasons for Javed Jaffrey and Zeba Bakhtiar’s divorce are attributed to the deterioration of their relationship over time.

Third Zeba Spouse/Husband- Adnan Sami Khan (Singer)

Zeba Bakhtiar
Third Zeba’s Husband

Third Zeba Bakhtiar Spouse Adnan Sami Khan, after two years of her second marriage, tied the knot with renowned singer Adnan Sami, marking her third marriage. However, this union was short-lived as they divorced in 1997. Despite the brevity of their marriage, the singer and actress share a precious bond in the form of their son, Azaan Sami Khan. Azaan Sami Khan is the offspring of their brief yet memorable union, and he continues to be an important part of both Zeba and Adnan Sami’s lives.

Son- Azaan Sami Khan (Adnan Sami)

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Zeba Spouse/Husband- Sohail Khan Leghari

Zeba Bakhtiar Spouse
Zeba’s Husband

Fourth Zeba Spouse Sohail Khan Leghari. Sohail Khan and Zeba Bakhtiar’s union marked the actress’s fourth marriage. This time, the couple tied the knot in Pakistan, with Sohail Khan Leghari becoming her latest spouse. Despite the intrigue surrounding her previous marriages, the current relationship status of Zeba’s remains shrouded in mystery.

Although she is a phenomenal actress, Zeba’s is known less for her entertainment roles and more for her weddings. Throughout her life, Zeba’s engaged in 4 weddings.

Despite having bad personal life experiences, Zeba was and still is one of the most exceptional actresses of Pakistan. Her beauty and persona are still unmatchable. It is safe to say that the actress didn’t let the hardships of her personal life affect her professional life in any manner.

ज़ेबा बख्तियार Career Beginnings

Zeba’s embarked on her acting journey with a remarkable debut in 1988 on PTV’s television drama “Anarkali,” where she assumed the lead role. Her magnetic talent soon transcended the small screen, propelling her into the world of cinema. In 1991, Zeba graced the silver screen with her captivating presence in the film “Henna,” captivating audiences with her acting prowess.

Film Stardom Zeba Bakhtiar’s cinematic career reached its zenith in 1995 when she delivered a stellar performance in “Sargam.” Her role in the film left an indelible mark on the industry, solidifying her status as a celebrated actress. Her remarkable journey from “Anarkali” to “Henna” and ultimately “Sargam” exemplifies her evolution as a versatile artist who continues to enchant audiences with her exceptional talent. Zeba Bakhtiar’s legacy in the world of entertainment remains an enduring testament to her dedication and artistry.

As a producer & director

Urdu film: Babu (2001)


• 1995: Zeba received the prestigious Nigar Award for Best Actress, in recognition of her outstanding performance in the Pakistani film “Sargam” (1995).

• 2004: Honored with the Chairperson’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the 3rd Lux Style Awards, held in Dubai, for her significant contributions to the Pakistani entertainment industry.

• 2018: Recognized with the Excellence Award for Timeless Beauty at the HUM Style Awards, a testament to her enduring grace and charm in the world of entertainment.

Zeba Bakhtiar Family

Zeba is the daughter of Yahya Bakhtiar, a lawyer, politician and pre-independence Muslim League activist who served as the Attorney General of Pakistan, and also played a key role in framing Pakistan’s current constitution. Her father belonged to Quetta, while her mother Eva Bakhtiar was an English woman born to Hungarian parents. Her father died in 2003 and her mother died in 2011. Her parents met in the UK in the early 1940s and married, with her mother eventually settling in Pakistan in 1949 after graduating from the University College London. Zeba has two brothers, Salim and Karim, who are both doctors, and a sister, Saira. She was raised in Quetta, and moved to Karachi later.

Yahya Bakhtiar

Yahya Bakhtiar, was born into a Pashtun household in 1921 in Quetta, Pakistan. He attended a number of schools in Quetta and Lahore, graduated from law school in London, and was called to the bar in the United Kingdom. In 1941, he became a member of the All-India Muslim League. He served as a Pakistani barrister and statesman Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s cabinet. Yahya Bakhtiar played a key role in the framing of the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan. In 1974, he joined the Pakistan Peoples Party and left the Council Muslim League. In 1977, he was elected as a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan from the Quetta-Pishin constituency. Yahya was also appointed to the Senate of Pakistan.

Zeba Bakhtiar Real Name?

Zeba Bakhtiar (زيبا بختيار;)

Zeba Bakhtiar Real Name Shaheen

Zeba Bakhtiar Daughter

First Zeba Bakhtiar Husband- Salman Galliani. They got married in Quetta and had a daughter together Bobby.

Zeba Bakhtiar Age?

Zeba Bakhtiar

Zeba Bakhtiar Age 61 Years 2024

Zeba Bakhtiar Husband

Adnan & Zeba Bakhtiar (زيبا بختيار;)

Zeba Bakhtiar marital journey has seen four chapters.
1. Zeba Bakhtiar Spouse, Salman Galliani (m. 1982, div.)
2. Zeba Bakhtiar Spouse, Javed Jaffrey (Actor) (m. 1989, div. 1990)
3. Zeba Bakhtiar Spouse, Adnan Sami Khan (Singer) (m. 1993, div. 1997)
4. Zeba Bakhtiar Spouse, Sohail Khan Leghari (m. 2008)

Zeba Bakhtiar Husband Now?

Zeba married Sohail Khan Leghari

Zeba Bakhtiar Spouse, Husband- Sohail Khan Leghari (m. 2008)

Zeba Bakhtiar Son

Azaan-Sami-Khan & Zeba Bakhtiar

Zeba and Adnan got divorced in 1997. They have a son named Azaan Sami Khan.

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