Roya Faryabi
Roya Faryabi

Roya Faryabi (Adnan Sami’s 3rd Wife) Age , Family, Biography & More

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Roya Faryabi, we known her as Roya Sami Khan, was born on 16th Sept in Munich, Germany. She completed her degree from Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey, in the year 2006.

From Oct 1999 to Jan 2008, Roya Faryabi worked at Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG, this is a mobile telecommunication company, in Munich, Germany. Roya did so many jobs like international roaming engineer, IR specialist, and product manager.

For some time Roya Faryabi was the member of the GSM Association IREG group. In the year 2001, Roya Faryabi became the chairman of the Signaling Working Group in GSM Association IREG group. Then in 2009 Roya became a project manager in Tekelec company. Tekelec, a telecommunication company.

Oct 1999 – Jan 2008International Roaming Engineer, IR Specialist, Product ManagerTelefonica Germany GmbH & Co. OHGMunich, Germany
2001Chairman of Signaling Working GroupGSM Association IREG Group
2009Project ManagerTekelec

Roya Faryabi Biography. (রোয়া ফারিয়াবি)

Roya, also known as Roya Sami Khan, was born on September 16 in Munich, Germany, making her a Virgo according to astrology. She obtained her degree from Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey [1], in 2006.

रोया फ़र्याबी Roya Faryabi Physical Appearance.

Height: (approx) 5′ 6″
Weight: (approx) 55 kg
Body Measurements: (approx) 32 36 32
Hair Colour: medium blonde highlights.
Eye Colour: Dark Brown.
Date of Birth: 16th September.
Nationality: German.
Roya Faryabi Religion: She follows Islam.
Roya Faryabi Career: Telecommunication Engineer.
Roya Faryabi Biography
Roya Faryabi (Adnan Sami’s 3rd Wife) Age , Family

Roya Sami Khan Family.

  • She is from Germany and belongs to an Afghan family in Germany.
  • Roya’s father, Iftikhar Fariyabi, was a retired diplomat and army general. Her parents are no more.
  • There are four sisters in her family, namely Friba Faryabi, Nadjila Faryabi, Hassin Faryabi, and Selina Faryabi. Selina Faryabi works as a realtor in Canada, while Hassin Faryabi went to Rabia-e Balkhi High School in Kabul.
FatherIftikhar Fariyabi (Retired Army Officer and Diplomat)
MotherNot Known
SistersFriba Faryabi, Nadjila Faryabi, Hassin Faryabi, Selina Faryabi (Realtor in Canada)
HusbandAdnan Sami Khan (Indian singer, music director, and composer)Adnan Sami Khan (Indian singer, music director, and composer)
DaughterMedina Sami Khan (born on 10th May 2017)
Latest News on Roya Faryabi
Roya with her husband and daughter Medina Sami Khan
Relationships & More
Marital StatusMarried
Marriage Date29 January 2010
Relationships & More

Roya Faryabi Husband & Children.

Roya Faryabi tied the knot with Adnan Sami Khan on January 29, 2010. Adnan, a celebrated Indian music composer and director who received the Padma Shri award, met Roya during her visit to India in 2010 and eventually proposed to her.

Roya Faryabi, is the third wife of Adnan Sami. She currently works as a project manager for a US-based company in Germany. Reports suggest that Adnan and Roya met in India and eventually got engaged.

However, according to Roya, she had always admired Adnan and believed him to be the perfect match for her.

On May 10, 2017, their daughter was born and they named her Medina Sami Khan.

Roya Faryabi
adnan sami wife roya faryabi

Roya Faryabi (রোয়া ফারিয়াবি) with Adnan Sami And Daughter Medina

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Roya Faryabi Facts/ Trivia.

  • She has a black belt in Taekwondo, while her sisters are trained in Karate.
  • Roya ( রোয়া ফারিয়াবি )revealed in an interview that she is fluent in nine languages including German, Pashto, English, Turkce, Urdu, Punjabi, Czech, and Hindi.
  • Along with consuming non-vegetarian food, Roya also likes to cook meat-based food.
  • In 2012, Adnan released a song titled Roya, which was inspired by his wife Roya Faryabi.
  • Her favourite singer is Asha Bhosle.
  • She went to see Adnan Sami perform in 2005, and after seeing how much weight he had gained, she prayed to Allah requesting to be Adnan’s beloved and making a promise to take care of him.
ControversiesIn 2010, Adnan and Roya were residing in an apartment in the Lokhandwala Complex, which belonged to Sabah Galadari, Adnan’s second wife. Sabah filed a complaint against Adnan under the Protection of Women from the Domestic Violence Act of 2005 after learning that her ex-husband was living with her new wife at her home. Later, Roya was given orders by the family court instructing her to vacate the flat. While talking about this residential situation in an interview, Roya said,
“I’ve been taught by my parents that wherever my husband stays is where I belong.”
Adnan defended his wife Roya while challenging the Family Court order and said,
“No one can ask any wife to leave her husband’s home. How would Sabah have liked it if my first wife Zeba Bakhtiar asked her to leave.”

People also ask.

  1. Who is Adnan Sami current wife?

    Latest News on Roya FaryabiRoya is Adnan Sami’s third wife, (m. 2010-present)

  2. Who was Adnan Sami first wife?

    Adnan & Zeba Bakhtiar (زيبا بختيار;)Zeba Bakhtiar, Adnan Sami first wife.
    Zeba Bhaktiar recently talked about her divorce and custody battle with her ex-husband, Adnan Sami.
    Zeba and Adnan married in 1993 and divorced in 1997.
    The actress had to fight an 18-month custody battle for her son, Azaan.

  3. Who is the daughter of Adnan Sami?

    Roya FaryabiAdnan Sami daughter named Medina Sami Khan.

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