Sylvia Vallencanto: A Remarkable Life of Success

Sylvia Vallencanto was born on April 15, 1945, in Karachi, Pakistan. She came from a rich family and had two siblings. Sylvia was 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighed about 120 pounds. She had beautiful brown eyes and a slim body. She went to the best schools in Karachi and got a degree in economics, which started her amazing journey. Sylvia Vallencanto is the parent of Zeba Bakhtiar.

Sylvia Vallencanto

Sylvia Vallencanto’s Job as a Businesswoman

Sylvia Vallencanto wasn’t just a name; she was a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. In Karachi’s business community, she was well-known and owned many businesses. She left a strong legacy. Sylvia didn’t only care about making money; she also loved helping others. She gave a lot to different charities and made a big difference in society.

Personal Life and Relationships

In Sylvia Vallencanto’s personal life, she had strong and happy connections. She was married to Yahya Bakhtiar, who was not only Zeba Bakhtiar’s father but also a lawyer and politician. Together, they raised two kids, Eba and her brother. Sylvia stayed close to her siblings and parents, showing the importance of family bonds [1].

The Battle Against Cancer

The turning point in Sylvia’s life came in the late 1990s when she faced the daunting challenge of a cancer diagnosis. Undeterred, she confronted the disease with unparalleled bravery, battling it for several years. Unfortunately, in 2002, Sylvia Vallencanto succumbed to the illness, leaving a void that resonated deeply with all who knew her.

Thinking about Sylvia Vallencanto

Sylvia was born under the Aries sign and was from Pakistan. Besides being good at business, she was a loving mom and wife, making a lasting impression on everyone. We’ll always remember Sylvia Vallencanto for her strong bravery and resilience when things got tough.

Children: Zeba Bakhtiar

Grandchild: Azaan Sami Khan

Zeba bakhtiar father

zeba bakhtiar father

Zeba Bakhtiar’s father is Yahya Bakhtiar, a prominent Pakistani lawyer and politician who served as the Attorney General of Pakistan. He was born in 1921 into a Pashtun family

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