Vijay Deverakonda
Vijay Deverakonda

Vijay Deverakonda age, height, movie and more 2024

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Vijay Deverakonda is a talented actor known for his work in Telugu cinema. He gained widespread recognition for his role in the film “Arjun Reddy” and has since starred in several successful movies like “Geetha Govindam” and “Dear Comrade.”

Vijay Sai Deverakonda, born on May 9, 1989, Achampet, in the Nagarkurnool district in Telangana. he hails from a family of farmers in Achampet. Growing up amidst the rustic charm of rural India, Vijay’s roots instilled in him a strong work ethic and a deep connection to his heritage.

Vijay Sai Deverakonda, studied up to the 10th standard at Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School in Puttaparthi. After completing his Intermediate studies at the Little Flower Junior College in Hyderabad, he went on to do his graduation in Badruka College of Commerce. After his graduation, he joined a theatre group called Sutradhar. His first play was Sherlock Home. The instant feedback and appreciation from the audience sparked his love for acting

Vijay Deverakonda
Vijay Deverakonda

A Glimpse into Vijay’s Childhood

  • Born and raised in Achampet, Vijay’s upbringing was rooted in simplicity and hard work.
  • Despite humble beginnings, his family provided unwavering support for his aspirations, nurturing his dreams of becoming an actor.

Learn all about Vijay Devarakonda: Vijay Devarakonda Biography

ArticleVijay Deverakonda age, height, movie and more
NameVijay Devarakonda (Deverakonda Vijay Sai)
NicknamesVijay, Rowdy, VD
ParentsMadhavi Deverakonda
Govardhan Rao Deverakonda
Date of BirthMay 9, 1989
BirthplaceAchampet, in the Nagarkurnool district in Telangana
HometownAchampet, Andhra Pradesh, India
EducationGraduation in Badruka College of Commerce
Age (As of 2024)34 years old
Height5 feet 10 inches, or 1.78 meters
SiblingsAnand Deverakonda
ProfessionActress & Model
Years Active2011 – Present
GirlfriendRashmika Mandanna
Net WorthApproximately $8 million or Rs. 65 crores
vijay devarakonda family
Vijay Devarakonda Family Madhavi Deverakonda
Govardhan Rao Deverakonda

The Rise to Stardom: Vijay’s Journey in Cinema

Vijay Deverakonda is an Indian actor known for his work in Telugu cinema. His journey to stardom is nothing short of remarkable, marked by dedication, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Arjun Reddy: A Game-Changer

  • Vijay shot to fame with his breakthrough role in “Arjun Reddy,” a film that garnered widespread acclaim for its raw portrayal of love and rebellion.
  • His portrayal of the titular character earned him accolades and established him as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Intense Performances and Unconventional Choices

  • Known for his penchant for unconventional roles, Vijay has carved a niche for himself in an industry dominated by stereotypes.
  • From the brooding lover in “Geetha Govindam” to the rebellious artist in “Dear Comrade,” he has consistently pushed the boundaries of Telugu cinema.

Connecting with Fans: Vijay’s Social Media Presence

Vijay Deverakonda is an Indian actor known for his work in Telugu cinema. Beyond the silver screen, he is a social media sensation, with a massive following on Instagram (21.2M followers). His engaging posts and updates offer fans a glimpse into his life beyond the glamour of the film industry.

Book Vijay Deverakonda Brand: Book Vijay Deverakonda for brand “endorsements and events.”

Instagram: A Platform for Connection

  • With over 21.2 million followers on Instagram, Vijay’s presence on social media transcends geographical boundaries.
  • From candid selfies to behind-the-scenes moments, he keeps his fans entertained and invested in his journey.

Deverakonda made his acting debut in 2011 with the film “Nuvvila” directed by “Ravi Babu“. However, he gained significant recognition and acclaim for his performance in the romantic drama “Arjun Reddy” (2017), directed by “Sandeep Vanga“. The film’s success propelled him to stardom and established him as one of the leading actors in Telugu cinema. His portrayal of the titular character in “Arjun Reddy” garnered widespread praise for its intensity and authenticity.

Note“: Vijay Deverakonda’s first lead role was in the movie “Pelli Choopulu,” a coming-of-age romance film directed by Tharun Bhascker. The film was commercially successful. Although he made his film debut with “Nuvvila” in 2011, he played a supporting role in that film

Following the success of “Arjun Reddy,” Deverakonda appeared in several commercially successful films such as “Geetha Govindam” (2018), “Taxiwala” (2018), and “Dear Comrade” (2019). He has also ventured into film production under his banner, King of the Hill Entertainment.

In 2022, he snagged the Youth Icon South (Male) Award at the South Indian International Movie Awards (SIIMA). He started producing movies in 2019 through his company, King of the Hill Entertainment. Some of the films produced under this banner include “Meeku Maathrame Chepta” (2019) and “Pushpaka Vimanam” (2021).

In addition to his acting career, Vijay Deverakonda is known for his philanthropic endeavors. He has been actively involved in various social causes and has supported initiatives aimed at education and healthcare.

Deverakonda’s charismatic screen presence, versatile acting skills, and unconventional choice of roles have earned him a dedicated fan following and critical acclaim in the Indian film industry.

Personal Projects

He’s involved in various projects focusing on fashion, music, and community initiatives like RWDY CULTURE. This report examines these projects and their impact on Deverakonda’s career and the community.

Fashion Projects:

  • Deverakonda has established himself as a fashion icon, often experimenting with unique styles and setting trends.
  • He has collaborated with renowned fashion designers, both locally and internationally, to create exclusive collections.
  • Through his fashion projects, Deverakonda promotes self-expression and encourages individuals to embrace their personal style.

Music Projects:

  • Deverakonda has expressed his passion for music by actively participating in music projects.
  • He has released singles and music videos, collaborating with talented musicians and singers.
  • These projects showcase Deverakonda’s versatility as an artist and his dedication to exploring different forms of creative expression.

Community Initiatives – RWDY CULTURE:

  • Deverakonda founded RWDY CULTURE, a community-driven platform that aims to inspire and empower individuals.
  • The initiative focuses on promoting a positive mindset, mental health awareness, and personal growth.
  • RWDY CULTURE organizes workshops, events, and campaigns to engage with the community and bring about positive change.

Vijay Deverakonda Remuneration

Vijay Deverakonda’s remuneration varies:

  1. Monthly Basis: He earns around INR 13 crore monthly.
  2. Per Movie: Vijay Devarakonda is worth about $8 million, which is roughly 66 crore rupees. Most of his money comes from acting in movies and promoting brands. He also gets a cut of the money his movies make. Each month, he earns about $120,861, which is around 1 crore rupees, adding up to about $1.5 million a year, or around 13 crore rupees. Typically, he charges about INR 6 to 7 crore for a film role.
  3. For “Kushi” Movie: Vijay Deverakonda distributed his remuneration to 100 families, showcasing his philanthropy Vijay Deverakonda, talking to his fans, promised to share his happiness with them. He said, “If I’m happy because of my movie ‘Khushi,’ I’ll give a lot of money from its earnings to our families.” At the event, he announced that he would choose a hundred families and give each of them a check for one lakh rupees within the next ten days.
  4. Recent Projects: According to reports, Vijay Deverakonda alone got Rs 35 crore as remuneration for the pan-India film Liger Puri Jagannadh, the producer, said he’d reimburse distributors for their losses from the movie, but after nearly ten months, there’s been no response from the team. The film made about Rs 20.80 crore, but Vijay Deverakonda received “Rs 35 crore“, and Ananya Panday got Rs 3 crore for their roles. Since the movie didn’t do well, there’s talk about whether Vijay Deverakonda should give back his payment for “Liger.
  5. Overall Net Worth: Estimated to be USD 8 million, roughly INR 66 crore.
Vijay Deverakonda
Vijay Deverakonda

Vijay Deverakonda Net Worth

Vijay Deverakonda’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 8 million (approximately INR 66 crore) as of 2023. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Primary Income Sources: His income primarily stems from film projects and brand endorsements.
  2. Assets: Deverakonda owns assets such as a 5-seater 4-cylinder Mercedes Benz GLC valued at Rs 68 lakh and a Volvo XC90 SUV worth up to Rs 1.31 crore. He also possesses other properties.
  3. Personal Investments: He reportedly owns a volleyball team and a private jet, indicating diverse investments.
  4. Total Net Worth: Vijay Deverakonda’s net worth is approximately $8 million or Rs. 66 crores.


Vijay founded a non-profit organization called The Deverakonda Foundation in 2019 to support the training and employment of youths in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana who are underprivileged but deserving and meritorious.

Is Vijay Devarakonda Married

Vijay Devarakonda is not married as of now. He stated that his family is pressuring him to get married.

Vijay Devarakonda first movie

Vijay Devarakonda first movie is Pelli Choopulu.

What is Vijay Deverakonda known for?

Vijay Deverakonda

Liger, Yevade Subramanyam, Arjun Reddy, and Geetha Govindam

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