10 Underrated Horror Movies you should watch

Night of the Creeps

A cult classic that combines horror and comedy, featuring alien slugs and zombie outbreaks in a college setting.


A classic vampire film directed by Park Chan-wook, known for its intense and visceral portrayal of vampirism.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Next Generation - Often overlooked in the franchise, this installment brings a different flavor to the classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre series.

Lake Mungo

An Australian mockumentary-style horror film that delves into the eerie and mysterious happenings surrounding a drowned girl.

The Wailing

A Korean horror film known for its atmospheric tension and supernatural elements, offering a unique and chilling experience.

The Invisible Man

Oliver Jackson-Cohen - An inventive take on the classic tale, exploring the horrors of an unseen presence tormenting a woman's life.


Joe Keery - Joe Keery stars in this darkly comedic horror film centered around a rideshare driver with disturbing intentions.

The Boy Behind the Door

This intense thriller follows two boys trapped in a house of horrors, navigating their escape against all odds.


A recent release, "Piggy" explores horror with a contemporary twist, providing a fresh take on the genre.


A thrilling blend of war and horror, following soldiers encountering supernatural horrors during World War II.